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Well, after a decade of creating highly geometric mathematical sculptures, and then the next decade, organic, "heavy", "pregnant works, I now find myself back where I started. This is not a depressing statement. Not like leaving your snowbound tent when rescue seems doubtful, then wandering for days to only find yourself back at your tent. More like leaving home on a long journey. So long you eventually forget home and what it meant to you. But then, there it is, by surprise. You have somehow stumbled upon, of been inexplicably drawn to it. You find a smile on your face as you open the front door. Inside, everything is so much more beautiful than you remember it, and yet it is exactly how you left it.

So, now I'm back to figurative. It's a slow start. My hands and mind were uncoupled from this form of expression – investigating, translating – so many years ago. I'm gently pulling on the now slack ropes that attach them. The pulleys are all rusted up, but the more I work them the freer they will become.

I would like to think that under the skin of these creatures is all my past work – the ticking machines of my geometric work and the "full", "living" organic works.

First up: Aztec Fish, in Moroccon black and gold marble.

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